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Welcome to In The Beginning!  I am excited that you took the time to check out my website.   Teaching people about God’s creation and exposing the lie of evolution is an absolute passion of mine.

I hope that you have seen one of my talks.   If you haven’t, check out the ITB Talks link in the menu.   It will tell you more about what I speak on and has clips from my actual events.   If you still aren’t sure about me or want to know more about what I believe, check out my Statement of Faith.

I have a huge heart to equip adults, youth, and kids when it comes to the questions of creation and evolution.   So many are trapped by the hype all around them.   They feel that they can’t argue and must incorporate millions of years into their beliefs.   The truth is, when you look beyond the hype and into the science, you find that all science points to a creator.  It is creation that the facts line up with.   That is why I do what I do.   I want people to see this and let it change their life.

If you enjoy the demos of my talks please contact me and let’s team up to share God’s creation with your church family.