The Ministry

In The Beginning was slowly born out of a passion and a calling.   Many were involved in encouraging me to pursue what God was doing in my life.   However, it was God, continuing to give me a need, a desire and opportunity for the ministry, that has established it.

It is upsetting to know what I know and see kids, teenagers, and adults still trapped in the lie of evolution.    Unfortunately, many teachers are in the same boat.  Regurgitating misinformation and just so stories to their students and shuffling them into the evolutionary machine.   Most come out believing the hype and are happy to worship at the alter of naturalism, as it doesn’t challenge their lifestyle.

It is for those trapped in the hype of evolution that I do this ministry.   I want to break down strongholds and open people’s eyes to the evidence of God’s creation.

This ministry:

     – Is designed to expose the lie of evolution so that naturalistic strongholds can be brought down.

     – Is designed to embolden the faith of the believer so they will step out of their comfort zone and tell others about creation and the good news of the gospel.

     – Is designed to help some come to Christ.  No one will come to a saving relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ because I prove evolution false.   However, it does clear the way for the gospel and God’s word.

I pray that through this ministry people’s eyes will be opened and it will have a domino effect as more and more are reached with this information.

About Me

I was raised going to one baptist church or another, but never realized the information that I was missing.   I was taught the same “bible stories” that many of our children are learning today.   Unfortunately, there was a disconnect between the stories of the bible and my every day life.   I was taught that school had science and that church had the stories about being a good person.   It wasn’t until much later in my life that I started to realize that there was an issue.   I had to begin to study science and figure out if it lined up with God’s word…and so it began.

My walk was jumpstarted when I spent a few years, with a college and career group, going down to the University of Texas in Austin and witnessing to college students into the wee hours of the morning.   Through conversations with atheists, agnostics, mormons, Jews, Muslims, and Hindus I was forced to learn and be able to express my faith.  It was here I discovered that there are GOOD answers to the questions people have. This eventually lead me to teach a college group myself and lead the evangelism ministry, at Calvary South Austin.   During that time I co-created and spoke at a series of evangelism conferences.  God began to pull my heart towards creation as we chose topics, spoke, and took people witnessing.  I began reading everything I could find on how science lines up with biblical creation.

In 2015 I felt the calling from God to start a teaching ministry to spread the evidence of God’s creation.   It began with a trip to North Caroline where I attended CTIs Creation Apologetic Teachers College.  After being certified by them I felt like I had a good base understanding of how to share Creation with people.   However, the real fun has been finding my fun and very visual style of teaching.   It has become a part of my life that I will never stop.  As I have continued to teach at churches I been able to learn how best to describe and breakdown concepts so my audiences can walk away excited, educated, and entertained.